Nireides Villas

Located on the southeast side of Crete, next to the Chrysoskalitissa Monastery and a few steps before the marvelous Elafonissi beach, is the newly built villa complex “Nireides”.

According to Greek mythology, the Nireides (Nereids) were nymphs, representing aspects of the sea. They were daughters of Nireas and Oceanis Doris and grand-daughters of Ocean.  More on the Nireides in Greek Mythology.

The Nireides Villas in Crete are built at the southwestern most end of the Chania Prefecture. Here in this unique untouched location, the Cretan waters come together with the Libyan Sea creating spectacular views and sunsets.

The drive from Chania airport takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. There are two routes, either following the road west through Sfinati, which overlooks the infinite blue of the open sea, or by crossing the inner country, through the unique gorge of Topolia. Both drives are excellent and full of natural beauty and striking landscape contrasts.


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